"Working Environments 4.0 has long been a realistic scenario for us"


Munich, November 2017 – The impact of the digital revolution makes itself felt in all aspects of society, but it is the work environment that is currently experiencing the most far-reaching changes. The buzzword “Office 4.0” explores new paths relating to the business and working environment of the future and how we interact in modern office surroundings. The ROSA-ALSCHER Group in Munich puts the theory of Working Environments 4.0 into practice by combining architecture and lead design of innovative and landmark projects on the Isar in single-sourced undertakings – a key competency that we have acquired over the past thirty years of creating contemporary working environments.

Designing the revolution in our working world

Dr. Alexander Rosa-Alscher, founder of the company, sums it up: "Our current project "Qubes" on the Technologie Campus Munich shows that Working Environments 4.0 has long become reality in our projects“. But for Alexander Rosa-Alscher and his team the technological shift is just one aspect of many that will significantly impact our work environment in the long term. Dr. Rosa-Alscher: "Digital media create new lifestyle habits and work processes, and at the same time a shift is becoming evident: employees and employers alike are recognizing the value of a work-life balance. The ecological aspects in the concept of modern office environments are as equally important as the individuality, flexibility and emotionalization that such a structure creates for those using the offices, but not least of all it is the experience of working in such an innovative environment that plays a key role. We aim to give such increasingly popular planning specifications and guidelines a creative structure and design." 

Two-fold certification of structural sustainability

Sustainable construction is a key focus of all projects of the ROSA-ALSCHER Group. We comply with all the guidelines of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) as well as of the Gold Certification of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and the fittings and interior of the buildings are, of course, in keeping with these high standards. Whether we are looking at such features as a pleasant room temperature, sound insulation or electricity generation by means of photovoltaics – the principles of Working Environments 4.0 serve as our guidelines. For example, we always install high-end products for the lighting, air exchange systems, interior sun protection or adjustable electronic equipment in our offices in Munich – we at the ROSA-ALSCHER Group don’t consider daylight adjustable lighting to be an optional extra; for us it has long been a standard  fitting in a modern working environment. 

We keep a close eye on developments and the needs of the market

Companies with a high level of digitalization and employees oriented to  an urban lifestyle look for more than innovative office environments. The ROSA-ALSCHER Group realizes projects exclusively in prime locations with a well-established infrastructure. Office areas are designed as flexible, open spaces. Open-plan offices have balance zones or buffer areas such as lounges and telephone booths, and a varying spatial depth of rooms with high windows that provide a maximum of light, as well as a terrace area, all offer a high degree of flexibility as regards the way office space can be used. These ideas are also put into practice in the Group’s current projects. Stephan Grossmann, Head of Project Development and Marketing at the Rosa-Alscher Group: "We know exactly what the demanding Munich market wants, and this enables us to create customer-oriented projects. When we are looking at a new project we usually know in advance what, in this particular case, is expected of us. And all this we can offer single-sourced, but only because we integrated the principles of Working Environments 4.0 into our own company at an early stage." 

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