Urban quarter Freiham Nord


Rosa-Alscher Group and the City of Munich initiate an architectural competition for the center of the new urban quarter

Munich, December 03, 2018 Munich's new urban quarter will be home to as many as 25,000 people. The heart of this largest urban development project in Europe is the quarter's central area, which is to be the urban focal point and showpiece of the new quarter. In the summer, Munich Future City West GmbH – a company of the Rosa-Alscher Group – bought the four relevant plots of land with a total of 21,500 m2. Now an architectural competition for the building and
landscape design for the modern market square has been initiated.

The winners will be announced at the end of January

Munich Future City West – a subsidiary of the Rosa-Alscher Group – together with Munich's department for urban development, the department for municipal affairs and the department for building and construction invited 12 well-known architecture firms, four of which were selected by Rosa-Alscher. The plans can be submitted up to December 19, 2018, and a model up to January 8, 2019. The jury will announce the winners on January 24 and 25, 2019. The jury includes Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Merk, head of Munich's department of urban development, and company manager Alexander Rosa-Alscher as well as other expert urban planners, architects and local politicians who will act as judges for the special award and other prizes.

Implementation of the concept "open shopping"

The urban square that is to be planned will be situated north of Bodenseestraße and consists of four sections; 36,000 m2 of this area are designated as living space. A shopping center with individual retail outlets, service providers and commercial outlets is due to cover a quarter of the entire area. A hotel is planned to complement the urban center. The goals of the architectural competition include the "development of a lively urban center with a wide range of uses by offering space for living, commercial outlets and trade. The commercial concept for the urban center Freiham is to correspond with the supply of goods to be found in a shopping center, but the urban design aspect is to follow inner-city examples" as can be read in the description. The image of "open shopping" serves as a guideline for the competitors. This reflects, for example, the fact that in naturally developed city centers shop entrances are always from the street or the square. By adhering to this principle in Freiham-Nord, the goal is to achieve a vibrant and lively public space.

Urban character, flair and quality of living

The further specifications include an architectural design that creates an urban character, inviting shop fronts, attractive apartment buildings with a "special flair" and "high quality of living" as well as suitable noise control measures. In general, the center of the new urban quarter is to unfold a townscape-defining effect in which the buildings define the central square with clear lines and openings offer passages into public spaces.
For Alexander Rosa-Alscher, the best ideas in the competition have a key function in this large project, because "all characteristics that make Freiham-Nord worth living in will be concentrated in the new center and will be able to be experienced there."

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