Real estate: Town beats country


Not many people are attracted to living in the countryside right now. According to a recent study, especially properties in cities and suburbs are in demand. It says that only 9 percent of respondents want their home to be in the countryside, whereas 43 percent would like to live right in the city and 43 percent at least near a city.

Infrastructure makes all the difference

The reasons for this clear vote for urban environments are obvious. Good shopping facilities, good connections to local public transport systems and access to medical care are frequently stated reasons for people’s property choices. Another key criterion for approximately one third of the respondents is the distance to their workplace.

But even in urban environments not all that glitters is actually gold. Even though infrastructural advantages prevail for many homebuyers, their future homes still have to meet further requirements. Noise pollution is the biggest deal breaker for almost half of the respondents. This is when transport-related advantages, like good road connections, can turn into disadvantages. But also, problematic neighbourhoods can deter people from buying properties, according to one third of the respondents. Nevertheless, parking spaces are still important for 22 percent.

These results are a clear signal for the real estate industry: Living spaces in urban environments are in high demand but they have to meet high standards.

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