Almost real: The Rosa-Alscher Group captures the real estate market with virtual reality


Virtual reality is already well known in the entertainment industry, whether in computer games or blockbuster films, but in the real estate market it’s a relatively new development and the Rosa Alscher Group – in collaboration with the pioneer in this field, Meister Immobilien GmbH - is one of the first to apply this new technology.

Dr. Rosa Alscher, founder of the Rosa-Alscher Group, sees this as a positive development: “Virtual reality opens the path to completely new opportunities in both planning and marketing”. Potential purchasers or tenants can view a property that is still under construction and individual changes can easily be allowed for. For instance, with virtual reality potential owners or tenants can test various types of wall or floor coverings, and in project planning and development architects can use the new technology to give a more realistic feel to dimensions, proportions and long vistas.

Virtual reality devices are very simple to use: just put on 3D glasses, enjoy the exciting experience and move through the virtual space. Of course, the technology behind this is much more complex because the view we see through the 3D glasses only exists digitally and has to be permanently computer processed.

Two screens in the 3D glasses project a three-dimensional world that provides a spacial experience and gives the illusion of reality. Sensors attached to the ceiling of a room are connected to the screens and register every movement of the person wearing the glasses – every change of position is transmitted to the computer which then adapts the changed view of the receiver in the digital world. The sensors register even the smallest movement of the person – for instance a turning of the head. In order to move from one room to another the user needs a small controller which he works by hand.

An example of virtual reality in the real estate sector was experienced by selected guests on June 1 and June 22 during a 3D viewing of Quarter City II, a current project of the Rosa- Alscher Group. The guests were clearly impressed.

As Stephan Grossmann, Marketing Manager in the Rosa-Alscher Group, put it: “It was a fantastic experience. For us, virtual reality means great progress in the field of marketing. It’s fun swapping ideas with estate agents and potential tenants on design concepts and architectural options.”


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